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Top 5 Safest Cities in America: Did Yours Make the List?

Oct 31, 2016 12:12:08 PM

Term life insuranceWe all have a certain affinity for the place we live. Whether you've been born and raised in a particular city, or have just relocated recently, we form attachments to people, businesses, and even landmarks. Yet, most acknowledge that they want to feel safe in their own home, and some cities rank higher in this respect than others. Have you heard of the recent clown sighting craze that's sweeping the nation? While many are mere hoaxes, a few incidents have turned tragic. These sorts of events are making more and more people think about safety.

Several different companies calculate these "safest cities" lists each year and, interestingly, all arrive at different results due to varying methodologies. If you're interested in smaller towns, you might want to take a look at some of the lists by SafeWise.

This particular list, developed by Smart Asset, is of larger cities (the country's top 200) and considers such things as violent crime rate, vehicle mortality rates, drug poisoning deaths, air quality, excessive drinking, and even commuter rates. Here are the five safest cities in America. Hopefully, yours made the list.

5. Alexandria, VA Many people don't have images of safety when they picture the Washington D.C. area. Yet, Alexandria, Virginia, located just a few miles outside the nation's capital ranks as one of the safest cities in the country. Located along the banks of the Potomac River, the city is home to 153,000 residents. Just over half of the city's residents drive to work alone, and Alexandria has the 9th lowest vehicle fatality rate in the nation.

4. Cary, NC Cary, North Carolina is located in The Triangle, which is a research sector of the state anchored by three major universities and the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Cary has a population of approximately 135,000 residents and boasts the sixth lowest crime rate of any major U.S. city.

3. Bellevue, WA A part of the Seattle metro area, Bellevue has grown rapidly due to its proximity to Redmond which is home to Microsoft, Nintendo, and some other tech companies. Despite growth challenges, Bellevue remains a safe place to call home with a low violent crime rate.
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2. Honolulu, HI If you decide to escape to Hawaii, you might also be escaping violent crime and car accidents. The violent crime rate in Honolulu is low, and many who live here also use public transportation or just employ good old-fashioned foot power to get around.

1. Sunnyvale, CA Sunnyvale, California sits in the heart of the Bay Area's Silicon Valley and rates as the safest city in America. Home to just over 140,000 residents, the city has both a low violent crime rate and a vehicle mortality rate that is less than a third of the nation's average. The city also has a low rate of drug use.

Living in a safe city is important for many reasons, but it's not always possible due to family and career obligations. Whether your beloved town made the list or not, be sure to protect your family's financial future with a life insurance policy. A term life insurance policy is both affordable and can provide flexible coverage depending on your particular needs. Contact us to learn more about this important coverage or use our term life calculator here.



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