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IntelliQuote Works to Help Individuals Secure Online Life Insurance Coverage in Response to a Nationwide Drop in Employer Provided Benefits

Mar 18, 2013 10:35:00 AM

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif.March 18, 2013 [Read the PRNewswire article

IntelliQuote, a highly regarded online life insurance agency, is proud to offer guidance to the growing number of Americans losing employer provided health and life insurance coverage.

Founded in 1997, IntelliQuote has established a reputation as one of the largest and most trusted online life insuranceagencies in the industry. Offering unparalleled customer services and instant quote comparisons from the industry's top rated carriers; IntelliQuote is the undisputed leader in online life insurance sales and service. In addition, IntelliQuote has established a remarkable online presence which they leverage to connect with and educate consumers on a variety of topics.




IntelliQuote, Leading Online Life Insurance Agency, Adapts ING eDelivery Model

Nov 28, 2012 4:02:00 PM

November 28, 2012 [Read the PRWeb article]

IntelliQuote, a top rated online life insurance agency,is proud to offer ING eDelivery. This exciting new offering makes the process of securing ING life insurance products online faster and simpler than ever before. 

Founded nearly 16 years ago, in El Dorado Hills California, IntelliQuote has since become widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading life insurance agencies. Through a commitment to delivering world-class customer support and highly competitive pricing, on top rated coverage; IntelliQuote has established a reputation as a leader in the online life insurance space. Offering instantaneous online life insurance quotes, from top carriers, IntelliQuote helps thousands of consumers secure coverage each and every year.




IntelliQuote Prepares for 2012 Life Insurance Awareness Month

Aug 28, 2012 4:12:00 PM

August 28, 2012 [Read the PRWeb article]

Acclaimed online life insurance agency IntelliQuote is already preparing for 2012 Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). In an effort to educate consumers about the importance of carrying adequate life insurance coverage, IntelliQuote will be one of many industry leaders proudly observing LIMRA throughout the month of September.

Since it was first established in 1997, IntelliQuote has earned a reputation as a leader in the online life insurance space. Offering award-winning customer service and instantaneous quotes from the highest-rated life insurance carriers in the market; IntelliQuote is one of the industry’s top online life insuranceagencies. With a growing staff of the most highly-trained and experienced life insurance agents in the industry, IntelliQuote is raising the bar in customer care. Additionally, IntelliQuote leverages their impressive online presence to disseminate educational information to consumers nationwide. Through blog content and social media outreach, IntelliQuote is engaging consumers on an unprecedented level; helping them to select and secure the best life insurance for their individual needs.




IntelliQuote Works to Educate Consumers about the Importance of Life Insurance Protection and to Make Coverage More Readily Available

Jun 27, 2012 4:19:00 PM

June 27, 2012 [Read the PRWeb article]

Trusted life insurance agency IntelliQuote, is committed now more than ever to educate the underinsured about the importance of life insurance protection. The growing agency recently identified a unique opportunity to engage the underinsured following the release of the 2012 Insurance Barometer Study. Through a series of consumer outreach programs, IntelliQuote is working to educate consumers and ultimately make life insurance easier to attain. 

According the 2012 Barometer Study, 36 percent of Americans in their prime insurance-buying years, between the ages of 25 to 41, feel they are not carrying adequate coverage. Figures like these have motivated the thought leaders at IntelliQuote to educate the public about the importance of life insurance protection. It is their goal to reach the underinsured population, to provide education around the importance of life insurance and to simplify the process of securing coverage. It is through these efforts that IntelliQuote has become one of the largest and most successful online life insurance agencies in the industry today. More importantly, these efforts have helped IntelliQuote customers secure the life insurance coverage they need.




IntelliQuote Works to Accommodate Baby Boomers; Leveraging Life Insurance to Close Gaps in Retirement Plans

Jun 12, 2012 4:22:00 PM

June 12, 2012 [Read the PRWeb article]

Acclaimed life insurance agency IntelliQuote, is proud to help baby boomers as they prepare for retirement. The current economic climate has left many baby boomers in financial turmoil, facing gaps in their retirement plans; a crisis which the thought leaders at IntelliQuote are helping to remedy.

Founded in 1997 in El Dorado Hills, California; IntelliQuote has since established a reputation as a leading online life insurance agency. Providing world class customer support and an unrivaled product offering, IntelliQuote is the agency of choice for consumers nationwide. Offering unlimited access to the proprietary IntelliQuote life insurance search engine, consumers enjoy instantaneous access to the most competitive life insurance quotes on the market today. In addition, IntelliQuote employs a staff of the most highly-skilled and knowledgeable life insurance agents in the industry, offering guidance and insight to each and every IntelliQuote customer. Leading the industry in product offerings and customer support, IntelliQuote is the undisputed leader in the online life insurance space.




IntelliQuote Proudly Embraces Social Media, Connecting with and Educating Consumers Nationwide

Apr 30, 2012 4:29:00 PM

April 30, 2012 [Read the PRWeb article]

IntelliQuote, the nation’s leading online life insurance brokerage, is proud to announce the initial success of a social media outreach campaign designed to engage and empower consumers through life insurance education. 

Established in 1997 IntelliQuote has been a rising star in the online life insurance arena ever since. Earning a reputation for providing world-class customer support and access to the most competitively priced policies on the market, IntelliQuote has quickly become the consumer choice for online life insurance sales and service. Offering instant online life insurance quotes from the industry’s top providers, IntelliQuote is making it easier than ever before to buy life insurance online.