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Life Insurance: Show Your Never-Ending Love

Feb 7, 2017 8:34:00 PM

life insurance hand heart.pngWhat do life insurance and love have in common? The two are more related than you might think. Many consumers view life insurance as an optional financial tool that you add to your budget only if it fits. The reality is that a life insurance policy is an essential component of your family's financial plan, one that demonstrates your never-ending love.

Demonstrate Your Love With a Life Insurance Policy

When you love someone, you think kind thoughts about them but you also show that love through your actions. Whether it be helping with a chore, listening, or buying flowers on a special day, we do things both great and small to show we care.

This includes planning for the future and the well-being of our loved ones with a life insurance policy. Why else would you buy life insurance? A National Underwriter survey asked clients specifically why they were purchasing life insurance. Interestingly, the top five reasons can be attributed to love.

Those who purchase life insurance want to provide income replacement for families, pay off debts so that family members aren't burdened, cover final arrangement costs, pass on wealth to heirs, and pay for a loved one's education.

Have you considered purchasing life insurance for your loved ones? Buying a life insurance policy isn't often at the top of anyone's "to do" list. You can show your spouse and children that you care by helping secure their future with this important purchase.

Term Life Insurance or Whole Life?

Fortunately, there are several life insurance policy choices. Which option is best for you and your loved ones depends on both your needs and your preferences.

If you want the most affordable life insurance on the market, a term life insurance policy may be the best choice. You can choose the length of your policy, from 10 to 35 years, and the amount based on your needs or budget. Insurance premiums are heavily dependent on age so the older you get the more expensive a term policy can become.

A whole life policy will provide you and your loved ones with life insurance protection for your entire life. Your survivors are guaranteed to receive a life insurance payout, provided you pay your premiums. Whole life policies also have a cash value component, which you can access while you are still living. This policy is the costlier choice of the two.

Creating Your Ultimate Love Letter

It would be ideal if you were able to spend your entire life showing your loved ones how much you care. Even when you pass away, you are given this final opportunity to let them know that you love them and have their best interests in mind. A life insurance policy is an affordable and simple way to provide for your family's financial future after you're gone. In essence, it is your ultimate and last love letter to those you hold dearest.

Whether you choose to purchase a term life or a whole life policy, you can complete a simple needs assessment online (or calculator) and receive several quotes so that you make sure you get the best rates. Get started with your ultimate love letter and request a quote now.

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the easier it is to make an intelligent choice. Everyday life, as well as certain events and circumstances, require you to make choices. And peace of mind is gained when you feel good about the decisions you make.


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