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Life Insurance Policy Question: What is an Accidental Death Benefit?

May 21, 2016 7:30:00 AM


While longevity rates have improved drastically in the last century, there's no doubt that living in the world today is still fraught with peril. In just the last year, over 32,000 people lost their lives on America's roadways according to the latest crash reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Yet, this number accounts only for traffic deaths. People lose their lives in work-related accidents and other tragedies on a daily basis. That is the reason that you may wish to consider adding an Accidental Death Benefit rider to your life insurance policy.

Accidental Death Benefit

The Accidental Death Benefit Rider is a clause that can be added to a life insurance policy that pays if you die because of an accident. You will still retain the normal life insurance that pays in the event of your death, but if you lose your life from an accident, you'll receive an additional payout that equals the original death benefit. This is usually called a "double indemnity rider" because beneficiaries will receive double the death benefit. In the alternative, it is possible to purchase a standalone Accidental Death policy that will only pay a death benefit if the named insured dies in an accident.

Reasons to Purchase an Accidental Death Benefit Life Insurance Policy

As if life wasn't treacherous enough, some of us are placed more in harm's way than others. For example, people who routinely have to work around heavy machinery or other dangerous environments may want to consider this type of insurance. Also, those who either commute to work on a regular basis or drive as a course of business have greater exposure to potential accidents. This sort of life insurance policy or policy rider may be a sound option if you fall into any of these classes.


There are many reasons to purchase life insurance with an Accident Death Benefit.

When Coverage Isn't Possible or Void

There are certain instances where Accidental Death coverage either many not be possible or where the death benefit won't be paid due to policy exclusions. If the death occurs from serving in the military, a self-inflicted injury, or from illegal activities, no payment is likely to be made. Also, if you are engaged in dangerous hobbies that may include motorsports, skydiving, or mountain climbing, you may wish to consult with your life insurance specialist before buying an accidental death life insurance policy.

Accidental Death Benefit Cost

The cost of obtaining the Accidental Death benefit depends on how you purchase it. If you add a rider to your existing life insurance policy, you'll pay an additional premium for this coverage. On the other hand, if you have just an Accidental Death Benefit policy, the premiums for coverage will be less than a standard life insurance policy.

There are many arguments for purchasing an Accidental Death benefit rider or policy. The additional protection and death benefit is important to many people. Also, those who are not able to qualify for a standard life insurance policy can often still be approved for an accident policy. To get started with your coverage, request a quote today.