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Four Ways to Get Your Stubborn Spouse Turned On To Life Insurance

Dec 22, 2014 1:06:00 PM

spouseMarriage is hard.

But, not all of the time.

Any happily-married couple will tell you that the good times easily outweigh the not-so-great times. At the root of this turbulence can be arguments. These arguments can bubble up over mundane issues like whether the toilet seat should be up or down. But they can also stem from larger issues like money and deciding where that money should go.

Like toward a life insurance policy.

You know that setting aside money for a life insurance policy is a wise use of your funds. Your spouse, maybe not so much. So how can you convert your spouse to part with more of his or her money to protect the both of you for the future?

Here are four ways to ease your spouse into the benefits of life insurance.

1. Keep the lines of communication open: Communication is a cornerstone of a happy marriage. It also makes for an ideal insurance policy. The truth is that your spouse may consider insurance to be frivolous, but a good old fashioned talk may be what is needed to convince them it is not. Sit down with your spouse to tackle these cold, hard truths: Who makes more money? What would happen if the breadwinner were no longer able to earn a living, would you still be able to survive? One woman, who became a widow in her 50’s when her husband died unexpectedly from a rare, undiagnosed cancer, learned the hard way she could not depend on Social Security for income since she would not be eligible to collect any benefits until age 60. These are the types of questions and answers that can open your spouse’s eyes to what life insurance really is: a necessity.

2. Dive head first into the taboo: It’s inevitable that the inevitable will creep into your conversation about life insurance. But talking about death doesn’t have to be ghoulish -you can make it fun. Why not make a bucket list with your spouse and fill it with all the adventures you want to take in your life, starting with this year. And at the top of this list, add the following: ‘Do not start before we get life insurance.’ Now you’ll have one less thing to worry about so you can focus your energies on creating new memories.

3. Make it a New Year’s resolution: 2015 is edging closer and closer each day, and you know how everyone kicks off a brand new year? By promising to aggressively change their lives, usually followed by a two to three-month stint at their local gym. Putting life insurance on your spouse’s resolution list is easier to accomplish than shedding those post-holiday pounds. There’s no sweating, no heavy lifting and the only burn he or she will feel is from moving his or her computer mouse to fill out an online quote request form.

4. Get life insurance as part of your anniversary gift: A night out at a favorite restaurant is a wonderful way to splurge on your spouse, but do you know what’s even more awesome? A life insurance policy, because it protects you too. The benefits of your policy will last long after that surf and turf is devoured. So have a great dinner, but include a discussion about life insurance, and celebrate another year together with a gift that will protect you both in the future.

Converting your spouse to the advantages of life insurance is not only good for your financial health, but it can prevent tension and arguments later and help to create a secure future for you both.

Get your spouse turned on to life insurance, by signing up for a quote today.