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Life Insurance & College: What to Consider Before Sending Your Child off to School

Jul 15, 2013 4:52:00 PM

There is so much to consider as you prepare your high school grad for college. From stressing the importance of making the grade to sticking to a budget, it’s up to you to send them off prepared for success. But what about life insurance?

Life Insurance Quotes for College IntelliQuoteIn our recent post Graduation & Life Insurance: What Every Parent Should Consider Before Sending a Child to College we discussed the importance of carrying adequate life insurance to provide for your child as they head off to school. In today’s post we’re going to tackle the topic of purchasing life insurance coverage for your college student.

Life Insurance and Your College Student

Purchasing life insurance for a child is a topic with which parents often struggle. It is however a very important form of protection, both for you and your spouse as well as your other children. If you’re backing your child’s student loans and something should happen to her or him, during or after college, you will be faced with a heavy financial burden. As you work to support the rest of your family and prepare for retirement, a tragedy like this would not only take a devastating emotional toll, it could threaten your family’s financial well being. Having a simple term life insurance policy in place will provide the protection your family deserves.

Before you send your child off to embark on the next chapter in their life, take the time to prepare them for the challenges ahead and to explore their life insurance options. Here at IntelliQuote we can provide an instant life insurance quote. Now is your chance to learn just how affordable life insurance can be, particularly for a healthy young adult. For a relatively small sum you can rest assured that your family is protected from financial hardship. Go ahead, request your life insurance quote today!

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