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5 Activities You Do Every Day That Take Longer Than Getting A Life Insurance Quote

Feb 1, 2016 11:22:00 AM

5-activities-infographic-768x1920.png“I just don’t have the time to research life insurance.”
At IntelliQuote, we’ve heard countless people repeat this mantra. And we completely understand why you feel this way. You have so much on your plate already, unexpected emergencies at work and at home, nonstop bills, and constant worries about providing for your family.

You probably feel like you need a break, right? So the last thing you want to do is add yet another task to your list.

But what if we told you that there are five things you do every day that take longer than getting a life insurance quote? Let’s take a look:

1) Stand in line for coffee: With the cold weather in full swing, you can expect that the lines of your local coffee shop will increase, and so will your wait time. That’s never any fun, is it? The good news is when you’re shopping for life insurance, you don’t have to wait as long. You can get up to six quotes in less than 10 minutes.

2) Commute: Getting to and from work can sometimes feel like a job in itself, doesn’t it? Unless you’re one of the few lucky people who work from home or live within a stone’s throw from your office, we’re going to guess that you’re either driving (or being driven) to work for at least 20-30 minutes each way. You could’ve received 12-18 separate quotes over three searches in that same amount of time.

3) Grocery Shopping: Grocery stores are always busy, and no matter what time of day you walk into one, it always seems a little (or a lot) crowded. Even if you run in for a couple of items, it may take you 15 minutes to get out of the store when you factor in your time standing in line. That’s plenty of time to get multiple quotes from some of the top insurance carriers.

4) Cook dinner: Even if you enjoy cooking, whipping up a meal after a grueling day at the office can feel more like a chore than anything else. Getting term life insurance quotes will take less time than it takes for you to cook to up a tasty shrimp stir fry with a side of rice.

5) Grab a machine at the gym: If you’ve ever been stressed out at work, you know one of the best remedies is a good old-fashioned workout. You get to the gym ready to get kick butt and work up a serious sweat—and the place is packed like a dance club on Friday night. Your only choice is to wait 20 minutes for a machine to open up. Bummer. But you know what you could have done twice in that amount of time? That’s right – received up to six quotes from top-rated life insurance carriers.

We understand how chaotic your life is, and at IntelliQuote, we’re trying to make it just a little bit easier. If you frequently participate in any or all of the activities listed above, then you have the time to research life insurance.

Want to see what 10 minutes can do for you and your family? Head on over to our quotes page and compare up to six quotes today!


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