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4 Unbelievable, But Valid Insurance Claims

Mar 24, 2015 1:39:00 PM

bogusinsuranceclaimsInsurance agents have seen their fair share of weird and in many cases, unsubstantiated claims. But now and then, agents come across a claim that truly shocks them, not because it’s outrageous, but because it’s outrageous…and true!

Today’s post discusses four of these seemingly bogus scenarios.

1) iPhone Disappeared…Inside of a Cow: We’re willing to bet that you’ve left your iPhone in a lot of different places: your bathroom, your car, on top of your kitchen countertop, etc.

But you’ve probably never lost your phone inside of an animal before.

Well, Ivor Bennett, a livestock farmer, did. He was assisting a cow who was giving birth in the middle of a dark and stormy night and used the light on his phone to aid him. The phone later resurfaced but didn’t work properly (no shock). The insurance company paid him for the full claim.

2) Bridal Dress Catches Fire: A wedding dress is one of the most important garments a woman will ever wear. And each dress is as special as the woman wearing it—assuming it isn’t ablaze. The bride, Paula Catelli was standing a little too close to the barbeque, when her dress caught on fire. Her husband saved her life by picking her up and throwing her into the sea. The insurance company agreed to compensate the couple for half the damages.

3) Danger From Above: The last thing you expect while on vacation is to injure yourself from…relaxing. British travel agency, Club Direct, knew that stranger things have (and do) happen and started issuing policies to cover injuries caused by falling coconuts. That very same year they decided to issue their new policies, one of their customers was struck in the head by a coconut and knocked out cold, while she was reading a book under a palm tree. Luckily, she recovered. Club Direct paid her in full.

4) Decking Drivers with Christmas Trees: This example reads like a scene from the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie. Mr. Fairclough was driving home from Christmas shopping when he saw a car approaching him from the opposite direction with a Christmas tree haphazardly positioned on top of the car. No sooner had he registered this when the car went around a sharp bend, and the tree flew straight toward him. The other driver never stopped or returned to the scene, so Mr. Fairclough ended up taking the tree home with him, along with a huge dent left by the tree’s trunk. His car insurance paid for all of the damages.

Every insurance holder wants to be paid any claims that he or she makes, of course the above four people probably would have told you that receiving the payment was nice, but if they could, they would have rather avoided the events that led them to file their claims.

The same is true with life insurance. While a life insurance claim is one you hope never has to be filed, those you care about, who are protected by your policy, will be glad they have the option should something unexpected happen to you.

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