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The Key to Managing Your Finances Post-Retirement

post retirement

Reaching retirement is a goal most professionals dream of throughout their career. It requires sound strategy to step into your golden years relaxed and free of financial worry, however the planning does not stop there. Continuing to exercise discipline post-retirement is essential. In fact, in Northwestern Mutual’s 2014 Planning and Progress Study, of retirees who reported being happy in retirement, 91% described themselves as being “highly disciplined.”

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Next Promotion and Raise

What to do with your next raise

Receiving a promotion and raise is not only an honor but it is a big step in your career. As you continue to prove yourself, and climb the corporate ladder, it’s important to make responsible financial decisions. What should you do with your new found financial freedom? While this is a time to celebrate, it’s also an opportunity to get ahead financially. Before you make any major purchases we encourage you to consider these five fun, yet responsible, ways to enjoy this milestone:

Why Life Insurance is Essential: A Young Mother's Story

importance of life insurance

As life insurance professionals, we often speak of hypothetical situations. When we come across a real life example of life insurance at work, we are always eager to share the details with interested consumers. In today’s post we will be sharing one mother’s heartbreaking, yet encouraging, story. By making a very mature decision, at a young age, she insured her son’s bright future.

3 Life Insurance Questions Every New Parent Should Ask

new parent and life insurance

You’ve just welcomed a new child into this world. Between late night feedings and diaper duty, who has time to think of life insurance? Here at IntelliQuote, we work diligently to make the process as fast and painless as possible for new parents. We understand the pressure you’re under which is precisely why it’s so important to lock in an affordable life insurance rate! Whether your baby has already made their debut, or you’re planning for their arrival, we encourage you to take a few minutes to ask the following questions. Once you have coverage in place, you can once again focus on this incredibly special time in your life. Without delay, let’s get started:

5 Life Insurance Mistakes that Could Cost You

5 life insurance mistakes

There is so much to consider when purchasing life insurance. So how do you know when you’re getting a good deal? By avoiding these common life insurance mistakes, you can rest assured that you are locking in a competitive rate and protecting those who matter most.

Life Insurance: Why Retirees Still Need It

retirees need life insurance

You’ve reach your golden years, and you are basking in the glory of retirement. Your mortgage is paid off, and you are living comfortably on your pension. There’s no need to maintain your life insurance policy any longer, right? Not so fast! As a result of today’s unsteady economy, there is still plenty of reason to maintain life insurance after retirement. In recent years, there has been a slow, but steady, rise in the cost of final expenses, everyday living expenses and long-term care; the perfect equation for mounting post-retirement financial woes.

Common Life Insurance Myths Debunked


Like professionals in any line of work, those of us in the field of life insurance often hear from consumers who are misinformed about our industry. This is why we are devoting today’s post to the topic of common life insurance myths. Let’s take a closer look:

Why Your Family Needs Life Insurance Coverage Today!

why families need life insurance

A story recently featured in a North Carolina newspaper is a real life tale of every parent’s worst nightmare. Eighteen-year-old Leah Hilliard had just completed her senior year of high school. As she was closing one chapter in her life, Leah was busily planning her final weeks at home before heading off to Western Carolina University.

5 Life Insurance Tips for New Parents

tips for new parents

You’ve just begun a new chapter in your life as parents. With so much new-found responsibility, what steps can you take to protect your new bundle of joy? Let’s start with these simple life insurance tips:

Do You Really Need Life Insurance?

Do You Need Life Insurance

While all of us here at IntelliQuote would make the argument that almost everyone needs life insurance, we also understand that some have a greater need than others. In order to help determine if you are in need of coverage, we would like to pose a few questions:

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